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JLO Consultant Inc., opening the right doors and finding the right solutions

for your business, college, and not for profit organization.

At JLO Consultant Inc., we work with colleges, private foundations, and not for profit organizations on strategic planning, board development, and governance. We ensure long-term sustainability and provide clients the tools to build a foundation and infrastructure for excellence. 

JLO Consultant Inc. has been hired by numerous colleges and universities to provide workforce development programs, build public private partnerships, recruit diverse management positions, restructure low performing programs, and provide governance consultation. 

José L. Orengo brings over 20 years experience as a city official and government relations expert who coordinates your legislative efforts by working with state, local, and federal government, as well as the media.  

JLO Consultant Inc. is a company grounded in a culture of trust and respect, the standard by which we do business. We operate with integrity and accountability. We are committed to assisting the communities we serve by delivering pro bono services to those who need them.

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