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Higher Education

University Building

JLO Consultant Inc. has been hired by numerous colleges and universities to provide workforce development programs, build public-private partnerships, recruit diverse management positions, restructure low performing programs, and provide governance and compliance consultation.  Selected services we provide are: 



Taking a deeply collaborative approach, we seek to engage a broad set of institutional stakeholders and arrive at a set of priorities that is responsive to, and aligned with, their aspirations for the institution. By empowering stakeholders to establish accountability and ownership, and by setting clear, achievable, and measurable goals, we enable your institution to identify its unique competitive advantages and capitalize on its strengths.



With 15 years of workforce development experience in developing programs for students in high demand jobs such as construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology, both in New York and in Chile, Jose L. Orengo has had a high degree of success in finding the right fit of business partner for his clients.


Utilizing an attorney’s mindset, JLO Consultant Inc. provides advice to protect its higher education clients from running afoul of the ever-changing landscape of government regulation.  This expertise spans all functional areas including finance and accounting, procurement, human resources, information technology, facilities, information, research administration, student administration, auxiliary enterprises, among others.



JLO Consultant Inc. provides an extensive range of staff training and development services rooted in best practices and tailored to address the specific issues facing each development program.  We work with staff to build internal effectiveness as well as the team’s effectiveness in facilitating and supporting board and volunteer leadership.

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